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Marinas in Bimini, Bahamas: Florida's gateway to the Bahamas awaits you!


Bimini Welcomes Your Arrival by Sea!

Marinas in Bimini

A Tropical Paradise Only 50 Miles from the Florida Coast!

Pristine water.  Sunny blue skies year round.  No shirt, no shoes, no problem.  The definition of a veritable paradise, seemingly inaccessible to all but the wealthiest of travelers.  But there is one tropical paradise that does not require traveling to the farthest reaches of the Caribbean sea, and spending 1000’s of dollars on plane tickets, hotel suites, and overpriced restaurants.  In fact, just 50 miles east of Miami lies an Island as tropical as anything in the Virgin Islands, and traveling there requires no more than a quick boat trip or a 30 minute plane ride.  The Island is Bimini, Florida’s gateway to the Bahamas.  Resting at the edge of the Gulf Stream, which runs north along the eastern coast of the United States, Bimini, Bahamas is a small island chain, 9 square miles of land, barely protruding from the depths of the surrounding Atlantic sea. 

The population of this tiny island paradise resides primarily on North and South Bimini, the largest of Bimini’s isles.  Separated by the ship channel, getting from one island to the other requires nothing more than a quick $2 ferry ride across the small channel.  Alice Town, located on North Bimini, is home to several bars, restaurants, and marinas, and the Bimini nightlife is centralized here.  Brown’s Marina and Big Game Club Resort & Marina are located amongst the bustle of Alice Town, while still maintaining an air of privacy.  Both marinas provide 24-hour surveillance of the grounds, instilling a heightened sense of security. The more subdued nature of South Bimini offers a quiet alternative to the commotion of North Bimini.  The Bimini Sands Resort and Marina provides a secluded dockage on the more rustic and solitary south island.  Though quiet, the south island is home to many noteworthy attractions.  Mackey’s Sand Bar and Beach Club offers fine dining and even includes a world class Sushi Bar.  And if you are visiting during the week, don’t miss out on Karaoke night, Wednesday Nights at the Beach Club.  Also of interest on South Bimini is a shark research facility, the Shark Lab.  Run by Grad student researchers and student volunteers, the Shark Lab is the base for several research projects devoted to accruing knowledge on one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.

Make Bimini your next boating destination while in Florida!

Seasoned fishermen, and avid divers come to Bimini for the diverse and abundant marine life inhabiting the beautiful and vibrant blues of the surrounding sea.  The waters around Bimini are known to be one of the worlds top big game fishing destinations, and attractions such as the Wreck of the Sapona and the Wall of Atlantis, rumored to be a remnant of the fabled lost city, entice divers to visit.  For those looking for local knowledge of the best dives see Neal Watson on the south island to setup a dive charter.  

Tourists also come for the quiet, sandy beaches, for the quaint Island atmosphere, and for the world famous conch salad, which can be found at one of the numerous conch shacks on North Bimini.  The bakeries of Bimini, like A Taste of Heaven in Alice Town, also lay claim to a unique recipe for bread, renowned for it’s slightly sweet flavor and impossibly moist and dense texture.  If it’s gambling you’re interested in, the casino at Resorts World will satisfy your itch to roll at the craps table or to try your luck at blackjack. If you’ve become bored with diving, fishing, and gambling, head up to the Big Game Club Resort & Marina where Bertrand and Dominique of Bimini Quebec Water Sports will set you up with a kayak, paddleboard, or speedboat rental to peruse the waters in.  Bertrand and Dominique also run tours through the island’s abundant mangrove population and operate sailboat charters for those looking to catch the wind. 

Boasting a healthy array of marinas for the avid boater to tie up to, and a grand assortment of activities and attractions set amidst the tropical Bahamian setting, Bimini offers an ideal destination for both the intrepid explorer and the family oriented vacationer alike.


Browns Marina in Bimini, The Bahamas

Brown's Marina in Alice Town, North Bimini

Honeymoon Harbor in Bimini

Friendly Sting Rays can be found at Honeymoon Harbor, 5 miles South of South Bimini

Honeymoon Harbor in Bimini

The Sapona in Bimini

Coral lining the interior of the famous sunken Sapona! Located just a couple miles South of South Bimini

The Sapona in Bimini

The Sapona in Bimini

Snorkel your way through the famous Sapona!

Infinity Pool in Bimini

The infinity pool located in Bimini Sands Resort and Marina on South Bimini

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

A view from Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina on North Bimini

Browns Marina in Bimini

Treat yourself to a tropical vacation in the Bimini Islands of the Bahamas!

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