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Corpus Christi Bay: A Sailing Mecca on the Rise


Corpus Christi Bay, TX: A Sailing Mecca on the Rise

Corpus Christi is an ever-growing hotspot for sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, why?

What makes this coastal city's location in the Gulf perfect for sailing enthusiasts?

In this article we hope to answer any question that you may have regarding why this coastal city has caught our attention as well as many other sailing enthusiasts along the coast. 

A Sailing Hotspot on the Rise!

There is no stopping the tide. The swell of the ocean and the movement of the untamable sea towards the shore is inevitable. Where the American Peninsula's Gulf Coast begins reaching eastward, and the winds from the southwest roll up the coast of Texas, a flurry of activity and growth is brewing big changes. A new hotspot for sailors is on the rise in Corpus Christi Bay.

At the heart of this beacon is Corpus Christi, Texas. Blue high-rises and rainbow bridges accent the marina-lined waterfront which is capped by the USS Lexington, one of the Navy's first Air Craft Carriers. There is even an impressive, full sized replica of The Nina, one of the three ships Christopher Columbus's first sailed to the New World. The massive bay is a magnificent sight, particularly during a full moon, when the water sparkles so brilliantly it has earned the nickname “The Silver Highway”. Waterfront taverns abound. Harrison's Landing, a gift shop and tavern, offers consistently great live music and an exceptional, amiable staff. Across the bay is Port Aransas, the gateway into the Gulf. This once sleepy, island town, has become a hotbed of activity. The marinas are ideally located, providing quick access to the Gulf and easy entry into the channel. Sandy beaches line the coast, where surfers and sunbathers take advantage of the seaside vista. In the summer, residents and visitors seldom pass up the opportunity to spend the day on the water, as temperatures typically exceed the 100's. In all, Corpus Christi Bay is a great venue for coastal junkies.

The allure of Corpus Christi Bay draws many a seafaring soul with it's scenic coasts, it's rich culture, and, most importantly, it's ideal sailing conditions. Boasting one of the highest average wind-speeds of coastal cities in North America, almost everyday offers a perfect wind to fill your sails. The bay is a massive playground, with ample room for maneuvering, and the Gulf is just a short sail away. Other well known ports are overcrowded and can become hectic, but the size and relative obscurity of Corpus Christi Bay affords the sailor a relaxed and peaceful cruise. Also of note is the bay's centralized location between South Padre Island and Galveston, two major points of interest in the Gulf.

Corpus Christi Bay's perfect sailing conditions, abounding hobbies, and unique location create a diverse hotbed of activity. It is predicted that within the next few years, this perfect storm, brewing in southern Texas, will explode into a full blown sailing mecca. Any devout sailor looking for a unique port of call would be crazy to ignore the enchantment of Corpus Christi Bay.

Recommended Hotspots

Harrison's Landing Restaurant & Bar
*located at the T Head at Corpus Christi Marina

Dr. Rocket's Blues Bar
709 N Chaparral St
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

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