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  • Visibility in 50-75 targeted, descriptive searches for services that your facility provides in your region, city, and body of water.
  • Visibility to thousands of boaters already searching on pickaslip.com in your area.
  • Increased annual revenue from the services that your facility needs to promote.
  • A strong social media presence for boaters to "pin", "tag", "like", etc.!
  • Peace of mind in an ever-growing, competitive marketing environment.
*rest assured that our marketing efforts will strategically keep you visible online, regardless of the adjustments being made by search engines!

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Marketing just does not get any easier than this... Simply let us know what services you would like to appear in search results for and we will make sure that you are visible above your competitors in Google, Yahoo!, and bing!

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  • Market Your Marina (1 year)
    $350.00 Market Your Marina (1 year)
    Marina Marketing (Market Your Marina) Make yourself visible in targeted/ specific searches today and capture your customer on their first search! Marina Listings are good for 1 year from the date the listing has been...
  • Pick A Slip Marina Videography
    $2,500.00 $2,000.00 Promotional Marina Video
    Pick A Slip Marina Promotional Videography (Aerial Videography/ Photography Package) Marina marketing is an ever-evolving marketplace. In today’s on-demand and High Definition world, videography...
  • Rent or Sell Your Boat Slip (1 year)
    $49.95 Rent or Sell Your Boat Slip (1 year)
    Boat Slip Listing - Market and Rent/ Sell Your Boat Slip (1 year) $49.95 Annually (regularly $99.95)  *Would you like to make your listing "Enhanced"?! Select the checkbox above! Only $25 per month to make your...

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