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Meet the Founders!

Welcome to Pick-A-Slip!  Below you will find biographies on two of the original three founders of the company; Brian Currier and Jacob Vitale.

The paragraph below is a brief description of where we came from and how the organization first came to be.

We both graduated from the same degree program and ended up getting hired by the same firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  It was at this job that we decided to follow our passion and use our education for something we truly love. We spent two years planning out our marketing strategy and devising a plan to enter this exciting industry.  It is our humble opinion that there is a significant need for a directory that has the ability to effectively sell slips for individuals and marinas alike.  The competition in this market is something that we can and will improve upon and we encourage you to join us on our journey of making this the most effective marketing tool in the industry. 

Brian Currier

       Eastern Michigan University
       B.S. Industrial Distribution

              Information Systems

I am a Marketing major from Southeastern Michigan with a love for the water and a passion for boating.  I grew up traveling to and from a family cottage on Higgins Lake (a beautiful lake in upper Michigan) where I learned to love everything about life on the water.  My hobbies include sailing, skiing (water and snow), kneeboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, and just about anything else you can compete in!  I, just like Jake, am passionate about this marketing directory and feel truly blessed to be able to spend my working hours on something that I enjoy.


Jake Vitale

       Eastern Michigan University
       B.S. Industrial Distribution


I am a Marketing Major from Eastern Michigan University. I grew up in Southeastern Michigan, and like Brian, I have a passion for boating and being on the water. My hobbies include hockey, basketball, skiing (snow and water), and fishing. I, like my fellow founders, believe that this informative slip directory will be an extremely positive marketing tool for boaters and marinas alike. I am grateful that I have this opportunity and am confident in the success that this site will bring everyone involved.  

Feel free to write any one of us an E-Mail at any time! We love input from fellow boating enthusiasts.

Sean Arsenault (one of the original three partners) played a big role in the initial creation of Pick A Slip but no longer is an active partner with the company. Sean's involvement helped get us to where we are today and his influence will continue to be a part of Pick A Slip.

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