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How to get the most out of your listing.


*There are several ways to maximize your visibility not only within our directory but also within search engines.  Yes, our marketing professionals do assure visibility in search engines, but there are subtle things that you can do to help come up even higher in searches.  Follow these few simple steps when creating your description to help maximize exposure to your target market.

#1 Keyword Placement - Keywords like "marina, dockage, marina name, your prospective area (ie Detroit, MI), etc." should be placed throughout the description.  These keywords should be words that you would like searchable.  It's important to remember that search engines, like Google, are simply looking for the most relevant information in regards to an individuals specific search.  Provide keywords that boaters search and instantly your listing becomes more relevant than your competition.

#2 Backlinks - Each listing comes with a backlink to your website under the contact information.  Within your description we also allow another backlink to your website.  Backlinks, as you probably are already aware, help bring your own website higher up in search engines.  These links send customers directly to you and will increase your conversion rate.  Here is an example of how you should have it written in the description so that our marketing professionals can properly add the link:
Brian's Marina provides top class amenities (www.BriansMarinaMichigan.com/amenities) 
On the website it will appear "Brian's Marina provides top class amenities"

#3 Information - Provide as much information that you believe a prospective customer may be interested in.  For example, if you provide storage services then it is probably worthwhile to write that towards the end of your description.  The more information you can provide, the more searchable and sellable we can make your listing!

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