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This section is for our customers. They may include:
1. Marinas and yacht clubs marketing their facilities with us.
2. Individual boat slip owners who are marketing their slip with us.

The information provided is designed to serve as a knowledge base about matters you may become involved in. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and try to assist you, our customers, in any way that we can.


Our marketing terms are yearly. We do this due to vast differences in locations from customer to customer. Many marinas that we market are seasonal. The yearly term begins when we have either received payment for the listing or received confirmation that payment is underway. At the end of the yearly term we make sure to contact our customers to go over their yearly analytics, reinforced by Google Analtyics. It is at this time that you have the ability to either continue marketing your facility with us or discontinue service. If we are unable to reach anyone after making at least three attempts (including an Email) your listing will remain active on our website for another year or until told differently. Cancelling your service after this point is allowed but you will be responsible for the length of time it was active. A $50 cancellation fee will be applied to the account.

Late Charges:

Late charges may be applied to any account that has a past due balance. When an invoice goes unpaid for over seven days we try to contact the individual who signed up for the service. After that point if payment is not in the mail or paid in full there will be a $25 late charge applied to every month the outstanding balance goes unpaid.

*It's important to understand that this is not to trap you into paying more, just simply to ensure that we receive payment for the service. 

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