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The Best Lakes for Houseboating (houseboat rentals)


The Best Lakes for Houseboating (houseboat rentals) in North America!

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North America is home to marinas of all styles and sizes that specialize in various boating activities. In order for a marina to specialize in houseboat rentals, they need to be located on a unique body of water. The water needs to stay fairly calm in order for it to be a good lake for houseboat rentals. There are appliances on these boats that need to remain level in order to function properly. A good example would be the refrigerators (usually Dometic or Norcold). Most refrigerators in your average houseboat are gas absorption models that rely on gravity to flow coolant through a cooling unit on the back. It is for this reason that you will never see this type of refrigerator in a sailboat for example. Houseboats are usually rented on 3-day, 5-day, and 7-day terms and they are set days (for example Friday through Sunday, Monday through Friday, etc.). Some marinas are flexible with these dates so contact them first.

If you're in the Mid-East or Central United States then you are probably aware the Kentucky and Tennessee are well known for their houseboating and houseboat rentals. Two of the most popular lakes in this region are Dale Hollow Lake and Norris Lake. Both lakes are dammed up rivers. The lakes are sheltered by mountains from the wind and allow for great conditions on the water for watersports of all types.

Below are two links to view marinas located on these lakes:
Dale Hollow Lake - Tennessee (marinas with boat rentals)
Dale Hollow Lake - Kentucky (marinas with boat rentals)
Norris Lake - Tennessee (marinas with boat rentals)

If you're in the Southern United States of America you might be interested in visiting Lake Powell, Arizona. Lake Powell is a beautiful lake that splits the border of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We recommend you staying at Wahweap Marina if you're interested in houseboating in this region.

If you're on the West Coast we highly recommend visiting Shasta Lake in Redding, California. The marina that we recommend renting your houseboat from is called Jones Valley Resort. This marina is well known for their luxurious houseboats and range in size to accomodate different size groups of people.

If you're in Central Canada or The United States, a good place to look into may be the boundary waters. Known for beautiful scenery and high quality marinas, the boundary waters just might be a good fit for you. If you love the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, etc. you'll be right at home. Currently we do not have any marinas listed in Northern Minnesota so we cannot offer up a suggestion at this time.

We wish you happy boating this summer!
-The Pick a Slip Team

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