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Targeted Marketing

Boaters on Pick A Slip ARE your customers!!!

We believe strongly in targeted vs. generic marketing for several reasons. So much so that we market all of our customers for targeted searches alone! Why? It all comes down to conversion. This is the bottom line and determines whether your marketing venture has been successful or is a bust. How many clicks will it take before you have rented out a boat slip/ berth/ mooring or brought in a new member to your club?

The targeted searches that we focus our efforts on bring an industry leading conversion rate (meaning it takes less clicks to get a customer). These targeted searches account for 70% of the total searches made in the marine industry!

Another reason that we focus on targeted searches is that if your marina or yacht club's website has been created well and is registered online, you are ALREADY coming up in many generic searches online! This is not because your web designer is a genius but simply because Google and other search engines are good at doing what they were designed to do (finding relevant websites to an individual's search)!

For example, if someone is looking for a marina in your city + state (marinas in Marblehead, Ohio) in a search engine and you are NOT coming up, there is a problem! Just being a marina in that city should make your website relevant to that generic search.

*Below you can view a brief PowerPoint Presentation on what we do, how do it, and the value of it!

We, here at Pick-A-Slip, believe it is important to understand everything a firm is going to do for you before an investment of any size. Below is a YouTube video by founder Brian Currier detailing out our frequently asked questions.

Most Directories: 

They market their homepage and assume that potential customers will find listings through search on that page. This means that the only way a customer will find a particular listing is by searching on that page. Since there are hundreds of other ways for boaters to search for something they need, this is very ineffective.

Each listing on their page is nothing more than a name on a list.  This means that there is nothing added in behind the scenes of their listings which dramatically effects the visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

They don't allow you to list all of the pertinent information a potential buyer may need to know before purchase.  This not only effects the usefulness of the listing to the customer but it also has a negative effect on visibility.  The more information provided for each individual listing, the higher the listing will appear in search engines.

Our Directory:

We market our homepage as well as each and every listing on an individual basis.  Each listing comes with meta keywords and meta descriptions to further assist your visibility in searches broad and specific alike.

We allow all information that a potential buyer may need to know before purchase.  This cuts back on unneccessary inqueries to find out more information over the phone, through E-Mail, or whatever other contact information they prefer to use.  As previously stated, this also increases your visibility across the web.

Give us a chance to market your slip, marina, or boat and see for yourself. Fill out the form and start marketing today!

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